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At Mesh we don't just engineer!
Our collaborative approach to consulting ensures our clients' are supported and informed throughout their entire project journey.
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With technology advancements and innovation, the discipline of electrical engineering is one of the fastest evolving of the services disciplines. Our team not only keep abreast of technology changes, but have working knowledge of its capabilities, the opportunities it presents and where to integrate it into projects.

At Mesh we provide both strategy and design to meet your project’s needs: Electrical design, Information and Communications Technology (ICT), Security including CCTV, Intruder Detection and Access Control.

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Ranging from bespoke residential builds, to some of New Zealand’s most complicated commercial buildings,our team has the breadth and depth of experience with mechanical systems to meet any project requirements. From designing and documenting heating, air conditioning, or ventilation systems to large scale heat recovery systems that use rejected waste heat from central AC systems to pre-heat pool or domestic hot water.

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Mesh offer hydraulic engineering services catering to a wide range of industries and project scales. From small office fit-outs with short turn-arounds, to large complex hospital projects, Mesh will provide tailored solutions to meet your project needs. These solutions include sanitary, stormwater, hot and cold water systems, gas, trade waste, rain water harvesting/recycling, and water treatment systems.

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Fire Protection

Traditionally Fire Protection as a design service has been overlooked or treated lightly with little focus on integration with the overall building design and aesthetics. We treat the coordination of fire protection services like the other disciplines and bring a design focused approach to ensure critical services are coordinated even for performance based designs, ensuring the final solution is a fully integrated and resolved part of the building process.


Building Information Modelling (BIM)

The term building information modelling (BIM) is often mis-understood; commonly associated with the use of 3D modelling tools like Revit, to design and document buildings.

At Mesh we use BIM as an integrated design tool early in the design process, ensuring critical coordination information is supplied and understood earlier.

From engineering calculations to monitoring and analysing people movement, the scope and breadth of BIM on your project can be as broad or narrow as you require.

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Environmentally Sustainable Design (ESD)

As the Sustainable building industry has evolved so too has the role of an ESD consultant. As an integrated part of any project, our focus is on delivering buildings that perform. Our ESD services range from building performance modelling and life cycle analysis through to environmental ratings or bespoke ESD strategies and solutions tailored for our client’s objectives and needs.

Matt Lee is a previous board director of the New Zealand Green Building Council and has been the accredited professional on numerous successful greenstar projects.

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