About us

Dynamic and progressive professionals, we bring a compelling blend of robust engineering and extensive experience, delivered through engaged and proactive consulting. We focus on making positive impacts on all our projects.
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Our Story

Mesh has the quality of people, the depth of experience and the breadth of expertise you’d expect from a boutique building services company. But what makes us different is our attitude. What we don’t ever do is engineer in a bubble. We genuinely consult with you to understand what outcomes you want to achieve. We believe it’s about the journey, the design detail, the coordination and communication, and for that you need the right people. That’s what Mesh is about at the core. The right people applying their specialist expertise; integrated services working as a cohesive whole, collaborating to give you the outcome you need.

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First We Listen

Although we like to talk, first we listen. ‘We’ includes our Directors who provide input and meeting attendance throughout the project life-cycle regardless of size or budget. As expert consultants, we know that to get the best results we must listen and take great care to understand the true needs and objectives of our clients. Experience has taught us the best project solutions come from a rigorous process of evaluating and exploring different solutions in an open and transparent dialogue with all project stakeholders.

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Then We Act

For us flawless project execution is all about having a clear understanding of the project delivery strategy; no two projects follow the exact same path and delivery is tailored to suit client imperatives and required outcomes.  The fundamentals of delivery are a given (i.e. compliance with CIC guidelines, building consent requirements) but successful projects require a proactive and engaged approach. This is key for us, we don’t want to be a passenger on the project team, we want to be leading the conversation and be an active contributor to ensure the very best collective decision making.

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