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Dynamic and progressive professionals, we bring a compelling blend of robust engineering and extensive experience, delivered through engaged and proactive consulting focused on making an impact on all our projects.
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Our Story

Mesh has the quality of people, the depth of experience and the breadth of expertise you’d expect from a boutique building services company. But what makes us different is our attitude. What we don’t ever do is engineer in a bubble. We genuinely consult with you to understand what outcomes you want to achieve. We believe it’s about the journey, the design detail, the coordination and communication, and for that you need the right people. That’s what Mesh is about at the core. The right people applying their specialist expertise; integrated services working as a cohesive whole, collaborating to give you the outcome you need.

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First We Listen

Although we like to talk, first we listen. And ‘we’ includes our Directors who provide input and meeting attendance throughout the project life-cycle regardless of size or budget. As expert consultants, we know that to get the best results we must listen and take great care to understand the true needs and objectives of our clients. Experience has taught us the best project solutions come from a rigorous process of evaluating and exploring different solutions in an open and transparent dialogue with all project stakeholders.

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Then We Act

For us flawless project execution is all about having a clear understanding of the project delivery strategy; no two projects follow the exact same path and delivery is tailored to suit client imperatives and required outcomes.  The fundamentals of delivery are a given (i.e. compliance with CIC guidelines, building consent requirements) but successful projects require a proactive and engaged approach. This is key for us, we don’t want to be a passenger on the project team, we want to be leading the conversation and be an active contributor to ensure the very best collective decision making.

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James Donald
James enjoys the people side of consulting, he builds strong working relationships with all those around him.James has been a prominent part of the New Zealand building services industry for 11 years, he is a chartered professional engineer, with a bachelors (hon) degree from Auckland University.Being a born and bred kiwi, James has a passion for the outdoors and our environment which can be seen in his work.
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Matt Lee
Matt is passionate about elegant, robust and flawlessly executed building services solutions across all disciplines.An active and involved project director over his 18 years in the market, he has led projects across most industry sectors and has broad experience. He holds strong working relationships with key stakeholders with specific expertise in the Healthcare, Retail, Education and Commercial sectors.He is an immediate past board Director for the New Zealand Green Building Council and works across the industry to champion the development and evolution of efficient building technology.A passion for water and snow sports ensure he actively enjoys his spare time year round.
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Daniel Puren
Lead Hydraulic/Fire Protection Engineer
Daniel brings a broad range of experience to the Mesh team having practised in Australia on a variety of building projects before relocating to Auckland in 2017. His approach is to understand the needs of the client with a focus on attention to detail to find the right solution for the project. Daniel has a background in a range of sectors including residential, retail, education and commercial with a particular interest in health and aged care. In his spare time Dan is Mesh’s resident master brewer and may even share the recipe for his award-winning raspberry cherry porter if you ask nicely.
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Pravin Patel
Lead Mechanical Engineer
Pravin is the Lead Mechanical Engineer at Mesh, and his focus is to inspire our team to deliver exceptional outcomes for our clients. Using his keen eye for detail he is passionate about integrating the services design elegantly into buildings. Pravin knows what truly drives project decisions, and that consulting our clients isn’t just about listening, it’s about interpreting and understanding. Throughout Pravin’s career his knowledge of multiple disciplines has steered him to leading and delivering complex building services projects across various sectors, with specific capabilities in residential, hospitality, industrial & healthcare.
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Vaughn Davies
Lead Electrical Engineer
Vaughn hails from South Africa, immigrating to New Zealand in 2018 bringing with him a diverse range of project experience in electrical, ICT and security building services. He has over 17 years’ experience having worked on projects in the residential, health and aged care, commercial, prisons, hospitality, education, industrial (including hazardous environments) and warehousing sectors. Vaughn enjoys working on challenging projects and prides himself on finding pragmatic solutions. Vaughn is currently registered as a Charted Member (Engineering Technologist) with Engineering New Zealand. He has a keen interest in the outdoors and enjoys spending time with his family exploring the wonders of New Zealand.
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Shimon Hirano
BIM Lead
Shimon enjoys challenging our engineer’s design to ensure our clients get an enriched and practical outcome. He has a wealth of experience gained through working in the BIM industry in Australia, and leading national BIM teams for a large global engineering company here in New Zealand. He has over 11 years experience delivering engineering projects through Building Information Modelling and Management. He has a passion for delivering well-structured digital information projects that all stake holders can benefit from. Shimon is a father of two who enjoys spending time with his family.
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Ian Dou
Electrical Engineer
Ian is an electrical engineer at Mesh, he holds a Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) degree in electrical and electronic engineering. Fluent in Mandarin, Ian brings his unique Chinese – Kiwi culture to the team. Ian has invaluable experience and working knowledge of the local standards and NZ building codes. A dedicated and self-motivated engineer who has a strong attention to detail and able to constantly produce high quality deliverables he takes full responsibility for his work and always honours his commitment to the client and project.
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John Potgieter
Senior Electrical Engineer
John brings a wealth of experience and a practical approach to his projects. He believes that building services solutions should be buildable, energy efficient and robust. An active and involved electrical engineer over his 16 years in the building services consulting market, he has been involved in projects as both the lead electrical engineer and as project leader across all engineering disciplines within the building industry. He is a chartered member of Engineering New Zealand as an Engineering Technologist and registered practicing member of the New Zealand electrical Workers Registration Board. A dedication to developing a small farm / life style block ensures John is active and outdoors all year round in his spare time.
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Kyle Calder
Senior Mechanical Engineer
Kyle brings a unique skillset to Mesh, with a commissioning background and a lot of time spent on site early in his career before turning towards building services design. Kyle has a practical approach to complex design challenges, and finding the right design solution is a forte. He is passionate about quality mechanical services design & drives this through the construction phase to project completion. With over 8 years of experience in commercial, education, residential and industrial sectors, Kyle understands what is required to ensure that a building performs well. Kyle also has a love for horses, he is a competitive 3 day event horse rider at a national level with hopes to compete internationally within the next three years.
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Erica Brits
Senior Electrical Engineer
Erica is a Senior Electrical Engineer with the Mesh team, with a Bachelor of Engineering – Electrical & Electronics from the University of Auckland. Erica, based in Tauranga, has worked alongside many of the Mesh team for a number of years and her engineering over recent years has predominately involved work in the Hospital / Healthcare sector for both private healthcare projects as well as DHB’s across both electrical and ICT services Erica also has engineering experience in the education, corporate design, retail, high end residential and aged care facility sectors. Erica has previously worked within the professional audio industry and as an acoustic engineer. Erica is passionate about quality work, and finding effective solutions for her client’s projects. Erica enjoys having fun and enjoying life, particularly with her family as a Mum.
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Joe Wall
Mechanical Engineer
Joe is a member of our Mechanical team here at Mesh. He was born and raised in Dublin, Ireland where he worked for 2 years as a sustainability engineer. Since his arrival in New Zealand at the start of 2016, he has been working as a mechanical engineer and really enjoys both the technical and people aspect of the job. Joe has a keen eye for detail and a passion for delivering comprehensive and well thought out solutions on all his projects. His background has given him wide experience in a range of sectors including healthcare, education, retail, commercial and residential work and has also worked on the energy side on many green star projects.
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Elle McDowell
Graduate Hydraulic & Fire Protection Engineer
Elle was born in the UK but raised in NZ. Is a recent graduate and holds a Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) in Construction Engineering. Although new to the industry, she is keen to further develop her skills and work with a dynamic team of experienced & like-minded professionals. Her personal goal is to make a difference in design & technology, and is inspired by projects with long-term benefits that will transform our communities to becoming more environmentally sustainable. On a social level, Elle enjoys spending time with friends and family, travelling abroad and is keen on experiencing what life has to offer.
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Peter Wang
BIM Engineer
Peter is a BIM engineer at Mesh, he holds a Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) degree from University of Auckland. He has previously worked for four years as a test engineer in the IoT industry and brings his unique perspective to the BIM and Revit modeling side of building services. Peter has great attention to detail and likes to ensure all BIM processes flows smoothly and produces robust results. He is having a great time learning about all the disciplines in the building services industry and how projects are coordinated to ensure their success.
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